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No Grey Area

Hey Everyone! You’ll notice a slightly refreshed look to our popup windows this week. This should help everyone understand what they are interacting with at a glance. We refreshed the look of the popup windows. Now you’ll see a bit of coloring to emphasize the type of popup you’re seeing (warning, error, settings or new/edit). …


Copy Group Notes, Copy Group Notes

Hey, Everyone! We’ve fined tuned group notes once again! The notes can now be copied from week to week. Take a look at the full list of changes: If the “Copy Attendance Notes” option is turned on, the “Group Note” is now copied from the previous lesson in that recurring series. The Revenue and Expense Categories …


Great Form!

Hey, Everyone! We’ve added the ability to securely collect credit card information using the registration forms! This cuts down on the amount of information you or your parents need to enter at a later date and makes it much easier to get paid once you send out a family’s first invoice. Take a look at …


Best Before

Hey Everyone! This week, we’re introducing another option to help manage make-up credits. Take a look at the full list of updates below: We’ve added the ability to set an expiry date for make-up credits. This feature is available on the Studio Settings page on the Policies tab. Now you can set make-up credits to automatically …


Stripe is Expanding

Hi Everyone! Great news for a number of our members around the world. Stripe has just expanded their service offerings to quite a few new countries. Take a look at the full list of updates below: Teachers located in New Zealand, Brazil, Hong Kong , Portugal and Sweden can now connect their My Music Staff …


Group Notes to Quaver About

Hi Everyone! We’ve made a few changes to the My Music Staff provided widgets and much more. Take a look below for the full list of updates and fixes: We’ve backtracked slightly on a feature we released a few weeks ago. Instead of copying the lesson notes between students for group lessons, we’ve added a …


My Music Staff Review – Udy Studio Blog

Rebecca Udy is an accomplished violinist (Utah Valley Symphony), member of the Utah Music Teacher’s Association and well-regarded teacher. She has recently become a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in violin. Her tech-forward approach to running her studio effectively involves the use of My Music Staff. You can read what she has to say below: Welcome …


Nuts and Bolts

Hi Everyone! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season! We have quite a large backlog of updates for you this week. •    The student, parent and teacher name formats used throughout My Music Staff can now be adjusted from your Studio Settings page (on the Options tab). If you’d prefer to see names displays as “First …


My Music Staff Mention – Sara’s Music Studio Blog

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Sara, she is a well-established and ‘vocal’ member of the music teaching community. She regularly blogs on her own site ( and runs the Voice Teachers Community. Aside from her own blog, she has recently written for Clavier Companion and has appeared on industry podcasts, such as Tim …

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