Calendar & Attendance

Organize your lessons, record attendance, and track student progress

Powerful scheduling tools to manage your lessons

Organize your busy teaching schedule with My Music Staff’s full-featured calendar. Add your lessons, customize your views, take attendance, and so much more!

“I can schedule recurring lessons easily, keep track of make-up credits and make-up lessons, holidays and days the studio is closed. Can’t say enough about how great this program is or how helpful it has been!” 
– Megan M.

Schedule your lessons

Private lessons, groups, workshops… oh my! No matter what you’re teaching, you can add it to your calendar with ease. Set up default pricing for each student to schedule their lessons in just a few clicks! Or, create open lesson slots to allow families to register through the Student Portal.

Customize & organize

Create event categories for different instruments, lesson types, studio closures, and more. Add locations to avoid double-booking or to separate your studio lessons from your online lessons. Use the search & filter features to view just what you need to see – or switch between month, week, day, timeline, and agenda for the perfect view!

No more no-shows

Your students lead busy lives – help them remember their lesson times with automated email & SMS reminders! Cut down on missed lessons and last-minute cancellations with custom reminders set up days or hours in advance. Customize your message so your students have all the info they need!

Track student attendance

My Music Staff has attendance options for every situation! Issue & use make-up credits for missed lessons. No time to take attendance during the lesson? No problem! Easily take overdue attendance or bulk attendance for an entire day at once!

Take detailed lesson notes

Track student progress with lesson notes for students & parents and private notes for yourself! Link to files in your Online Resources, assign pieces of repertoire, and more. Plus, create custom lesson note templates to streamline your note-taking during lessons. Then, email notes off to students & parents at the end of the lesson in just a couple of clicks!

Teach lessons online

Our Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime integrations make teaching online seamless! Simply save usernames or meeting URLs and join your lessons directly from the calendar. Plus, include meeting links automatically in lesson reminders so students can join with one click!

Sync your calendar

So many students, so little time! Sync your My Music Staff calendar with your phone, tablet, or computer so no matter where you are, your calendar is with you. Set up alerts for specific categories so you never forget a lesson!

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