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Student Management for Music Studios

All your student information in one place

Managing your students is hard work. My Music Staff makes it easier by letting you track all your student information in one central place. With My Music Staff you can store your student contact info, lesson notes, attendance, repertoire, practice time and more.

Track all your student information in one central place - My Music Staff

The student profiles that you create contain a variety of useful information, such as lesson length and default lesson prices. If you use My Music Staff for scheduling lessons, it can combine the student information with attendance to create accurate, itemized invoices when you need them.

Import Students in Minutes, not Hours

My Music Staff takes the pain out of importing students information. Simply copy and paste your student list, including all contact information you have from your favorite spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers and My Music Staff will do all the heavy lifting. Importing student data couldn’t be easier.

SMS Text Message Reminders

Text message reminders are a great way to notify students and parents of upcoming lessons & events right on their mobile phones. With My Music Staff you can even send SMS reminders at a different interval than your regular email reminders. For example, you can send email reminders 24 hours in advance, and SMS reminders 2 hours in advance. My Music Staff even allows the flexibility of enabling SMS text messages on a category by category basis.

Send Mass Emails to Your Studio

My Music Staff makes it easy to send mass emails to your studio’s students and parents. The days of typing email addresses out in full are gone; in just a few clicks you can send an email to everyone. My Music Staff is made for modern families, so each family can have multiple parents, email addresses, and contact information. It’s never been easier to keep everyone in the loop. The email history feature lets you keep track of outgoing emails too, so you can always check if you sent that notification (or invoice)!

Your Message, Your Way

The custom email template feature in My Music Staff is a great way to communicate your message, your way. It’s perfect for emails that need to be sent infrequently to students, such as a “Welcome” email or a recital invitation. Simply add your content and save for reuse over and over again. There is even a handy list of dynamic “placeholder” text such as Recipient First Name, Studio Name, Today’s Date and more available for you to insert wherever you choose.

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