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Student Portal

Parents and Students Can Login

The Student Portal is a great way to share information with your student families.My Music Staff features a fully functional Parent/Student Portal designed to help you reclaim time. Providing log in access to your students and parents is a great way to share information with your student families, save time, and add value to your services as a music teacher.

The Student Portal allows your families to:

  • View their calendar of upcoming events, lessons, public events
  • Register and cancel lessons based on your studio’s policies (optional)
  • View their attendance
  • View their borrowed and downloaded library items
  • Track their practice time, take notes and email their teacher (optional)
  • Add and track their repertoires
  • View their email history
  • View their number of make-up credits
  • View their teacher(s) contact information
  • Keep up-to-date with studio news
  • View the family’s account and invoice information (only visible to parents/adult students)

Using the student portal is completely optional, but highly recommended. This value-added service will set you apart from the competition in your area.

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