Student Portal

Create a one-stop shop for parents & students to access outside of lessons

Support your students outside of lesson time

My Music Staff isn’t just for teachers… the optional Student Portal allows your families to have studio and lesson info at their fingertips. Give them a seamless studio experience – without being on-call 24/7!

“The student portal is absolutely fantastic, and the fact parents can log in to see what needs to be practiced is amazing. Parents can check up on attendance and see exactly what lessons they are being billed for.”
– Chris W.

Let families self-schedule

Stop spending your time off adjusting and moving around lessons – put the responsibility on your families! Create open lesson slots for students to register in, automatically create make-up lessons out of cancellations, set up group lessons, and more.

Customize policies & settings

Make My Music Staff work for you – not the other way around. Choose your own settings and deadlines to match your studio policies. Managing registrations, cancellations, and make-up credits couldn’t be any easier!

Allow online payments

Make it even easier for parents to pay! If you use our Stripe or PayPal integration, you can let parents pay directly through the Portal. Not using online payments? Parents can still access their account balance & invoices so they always know how much they owe!

Record practice

Do your students really know how much they practice? With My Music Staff’s Practice Log feature, they can record the time they spend practicing, make notes, and leave questions for you. Students can either manually add time or use the built-in practice timer. They can also upload files, like a video of their practice session, for you to view!

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