Somewhere over the rainbow…

Somewhere over the rainbow…

is another MMS update! 🎵

Today’s update includes a bold theme option for your calendar 🌈, a new setting for your Online Resources to set download permissions, and much more! Check out our latest updates & fixes below:

Student Management:

  • We updated the registration form settings so when an email address is included in the Student Information section, that student will automatically have email lesson reminders enabled (this was already the case for parent email addresses)
  • We fixed an issue when adding a new student where clicking Next
  • We updated the button on the student’s profile under the Message History tab so if there is no history display, you’ll now see have a dropdown option to select the student or parent to email (if they have an email address on file)

Calendar & Attendance

  • We’ve added a Bold theme option to Calendar Preferences which changes your events to a brighter version of the selected color
  • We also updated the color picker for categories, locations, and teachers so standard colors are grouped together at the top, with additional colors grouped in alphabetical order below 🌈
  • There’s no longer a delay when dragging and dropping multiple events on the calendar, or an issue with drag and drop on mobile devices
  • We fixed an issue on iOS devices where trying to use the calendar & home agenda date picker was freezing the page
  • We fixed the attendance status column on the Attendance & Notes tab in a teacher’s profile so it correctly states “Teacher Cancelled” rather than “Absent” (“Absent” is only used when the student was absent)
  • We fixed an issue where linking an existing file to lesson details would overwrite the existing student access and replace it with just the student(s) in that lesson
  • We fixed an issue where the “No assigned students” placeholder was displaying behind the student’s name in an event (this only occurred when the event’s teacher no longer had any students assigned to them)

Families & Invoices

  • We fixed a bug in bulk manual invoicing where certain families were excluded when both “Only charges & discounts within the date range” and “Skip families with $0 invoices” were selected
  • We’ve added a “Failed” label for when an invoice is unable to be generated (just like failed reports, failed invoices will only be able to be deleted – not viewed)
  • We changed the logic of the Existing Invoice dialog so it no longer pops up if the previously created matching invoice was already void


  • We’ve added the ability to set download permissions on a file by file basis in Online Resources – you can now set whether you want the file to be “View only” or “View and download”
  • We fixed an issue where selecting teachers from the Teachers & Staff page and creating a new email did not automatically include their email addresses in the “To” field
  • The Region dropdown options under Business Settings are now displayed as “Region (Language)” rather than the other way around, to make it easier & more intuitive to find the region you’re looking for
  • We fixed an issue in the text editor where numbered and bulleted lists weren’t working after you changed the font you were using away from the default (Arial)
  • We fixed an issue where clicking the browser’s back button after looking at a piece of repertoire, then clicking to view a different piece of repertoire, you would be shown the original piece you were looking at
  • We added some additional text under the “Show student contact list” option in the Student Portal settings to better clarify what enabling this option includes, and set the “Show all attendees in calendar events” option to be disabled by default
  • We fixed some text wrapping & card spacing issues with the tablet view of Online Resources, where at certain screen sizes parts of some of the teacher spaces would be cut off
  • We made a change to how the data is fetched on the Teachers & Staff page so having the Payroll Balance column displayed no longer causes slow loading times
  • Various cosmetic changes (spacing, colors, text, etc.) throughout
Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at