Inte-GREAT Update!

Inte-GREAT Update!

This month, we’ve got updates big and small! We’ve upgraded our integrations with Stripe & PayPal to improve the online payment experience, added the ability to control what you see at the top of your home page, released some bugfixes, and made some small (but important!) cosmetic changes throughout.

Payment Processor Update

  • We upgraded our Stripe & PayPal integrations! Some benefits include:
    • A more seamless process to set up the integration
    • Apple Pay and Google Pay as available payment options for families (Stripe only)
    • Immediate verification when adding a bank account on file – no more waiting for microdeposits (Stripe only, US only)
    • Updated compliance with 3DS verification – families will no longer see a £0 or €0 amount displayed (Stripe only, EU/UK only)
    • The ability to have more than one payment processor connected at once for a smoother transition when switching from one processor to another

Student Management

  • We fixed an issue where selecting students on one page of your student list, then navigating to a different page, cleared the students you had already selected
  • We added a Cancel button to the student import loading dialog so you can stop the import process partway through

Calendar & Attendance

  • We fixed an issue where substitute teachers without the ability to manage other teachers’ students couldn’t see the name of the student in the event if they had been marked absent
  • Student names are now listed alphabetically when taking attendance for a group event
  • We fixed the calendar Day view to remove columns of teachers the logged in user doesn’t have privileges to view (before this change, they would see the column for each teacher in the studio but not see their events if they had that privilege disabled)
  • We updated the By Teacher calendar filter so teachers with the ability to view other teachers’ lessons/events but not manage them can still apply filters correctly (we also sorted the dropdown options alphabetically!)
  • We fixed an issue where the Convert to Make-up Event pop-up wasn’t appearing consistently when marking all students absent prior to the lesson time
  • We fixed an issue where you couldn’t email attendees of group events set to “No Teacher – Entire Studio” from the calendar pop-up
  • We fixed the shading on calendar days without teacher availability set (previously they were displaying with no shading, instead of all shaded in)
  • We fixed an issue that sometimes occurred when trying to edit the specific days of a daily repeating event
  • We fixed an issue where, after taking attendance for an event that doesn’t require make-up credits and marking it Present, Use Make-Up Credit, editing that attendance would default back to Lesson is Billable

Families & Invoices

  • We fixed an issue where the Emailed label on invoices sometimes required you to refresh the page or log out/log back in to display
  • We changed the Student Portal Account & Invoices balance date so it automatically adjusts to the current day right after the family makes a payment (so they can instantly see the transaction and know it was paid!)
  • On mobile, we fixed a bug where the balance date reverted back to the current day after it had been manually changed


  • We added the ability to show or hide specific cards on the home page – just click the gear in the top right corner to select which ones you want! The panel will automatically collapse when all options are hidden
  • We updated the Practice Log notes area so it correctly displays multi-line text without removing the spacing
  • When listing multiple families in a dialog banner, it will now show the first three by default with an option to show more, to prevent having to scroll down the screen if there’s a long list
  • We fixed the order recent lesson notes are displayed on the Student Portal home page so the most recent notes are listed first
  • We fixed an issue where saving an Online Resources with a filename that exceeds 255 characters would drop the file extension, making it unable to open
Please note: If you have any questions or require assistance with your account, please contact our support team at