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Continuously Improving

We are continuously striving to improve the user experience of My Music Staff! Check out this week’s improvements below. Just a heads up, for the remainder of the summer we’ll be focusing on internal changes to improve overall performance. During this time, we will not be posting our regular weekly updates as frequently. Don’t worry …


Null and Void

Hi Everyone! This week’s updates include some exciting new features to invoicing and making changes to the attendees of a recurring group event. If you happen to make an error invoicing a family, it is now possible to mark an invoice as  “Void” rather than deleting it. This is particularly helpful if you use the …


Nuts and Bolts

Hey Everyone! This week’s update is just a few small fixes while we continue working on some larger features. We fixed a minor issue with the invoices that would prevent the detailed description for books and other manually added charges from appearing. If you try to delete (or take attendance for) an event that’s already …


Open Repeat

Hi Everyone! This week we’re happy to announce the release of one of our most requested features to date:  recurring events with no end dates. Yes, it is now possible to schedule an event indefinitely. This new feature also applies when adding charges, discounts, and mileage entries! Other notable changes: Membership receipts now format correctly …


Presto Change-o

We know your time is valuable. So this week we focused on winning some back time.  There have been some significant internal changes to make My Music Staff run faster! Specifically, larger studios should notice that loading the Home Agenda and taking attendance is a bit snappier. There will also be a noticeable improvement to …


Safe and Sound

Hey Everyone! This week we’ve spent a considerable amount of time upgrading the security to certain aspects of My Music Staff. A student and parent’s first experience with the Student Portal will also be much more user friendly. Rather than having to type in a randomly generated password, they’ll now be able to select their own password by …


Better Late Than Never

We know getting paid on time isn’t always easy. So, better late than never, we’re very excited to release one of our most requested features: automatic late fees! With this optional feature enabled, the system will automatically charge a percentage or flat fee to the Family Account the day after the invoice due date. We think …


Leveling Up

Hey Everyone! Thanks for all the great feedback from last week’s update! Here is our list of improvements for this week: The “Next Lesson” box on the student portal now looks ahead indefinitely. The Practice time chart now ignores non-active students in the family. The “Previous Notes” panel now only looks back to notes left …


Student Portal Revamp!

Hey Everyone! We’ve made some BIG changes to the Student/Parent Portal homepage! Everything the students and parents need to know is available at a glance now.  Here’s everything that your students/parents will see from the new homepage: Next scheduled lesson Hours practiced this week Attendance within the last 90 days Last invoice (Parents ONLY) Latest …

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