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Your Accountant Can Count on You

This blog post is about everyone’s least favorite time of year: tax season. Do you or your accountant get overwhelmed when you show up with a box full of expense receipts for the year? Keeping your bookkeeping organized throughout the year has many benefits beyond being ready for tax season. We’re always within arms reach …


Feature Spotlight: Uploading Video Make-Up Lessons

Many music teachers are moving away from make-up credits and make-up lessons. Scheduling becomes a pain, and your time could be spent focusing on other aspects of your studio (or taking a well-deserved break!). Instead of the traditional in-person lesson, a video make-up lesson offers benefits to both the teacher and the student! Teachers can …


Tell Your Story

Every music teacher has their “why” – why you started teaching lessons, and why you opened your studio. If we had a conversation, I’m sure the story of your studio would flow naturally, but is that same narrative found on your website? Your story tells the world why you teach and why they should choose …


Practice Makes Perfect!

Don’t be alarmed if your students mention the Practice Log page of the Student Portal looks a bit different… it’s time for us to introduce a handy new feature we’ve added to help make practice time easier to track! Our new Practice Timer allows your students to time their practice directly in the app. The …


20/20 Vision

The My Music Staff team has spent the first month of 2020 working on improvements to help make things clear. That is to say… we’ve got 20/20 vision! We’ve tweaked some language and fixed some formatting to help you and your families better understand what you’re seeing. Here’s our list of updates: Improvements and enhancements:  …


Embracing the Tech of the 21st Century

You’ve probably noticed that today’s students are digital natives; they grew up using screens instead of paper. Instead of sticking to old school methods that may turn them off of music lessons, speak their language and make technology part of your teaching style! Technology is a great resource for musical education, and the clever use …


What’s the Forecast?

The future is clear… at least, the future of your business should be. Planning ahead to where you want your business to go is crucial for its sustainability. Where do you see your studio this time next year? How do you plan your prospects and projections?  Maybe you would like to add more students; hire …


My Music Staff Exhibiting at The NAMM Show!

The team at My Music Staff is headed to California for The NAMM Show, an annual gathering of music industry professionals around the world. As the #1 lesson management software for managing music lessons, The NAMM Show has been the perfect place to connect with music store owners and music teachers. “One of the great …


Calls-to-Action: Click here to learn more now!

See what we did there? Reading the headline of this blog post, it’s clear what we want you to do – click the post and read it. Calls-to-action, or CTAs, are pieces of content that encourage the user to perform a certain task. It could persuade them to sign up for a newsletter or register …

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