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A Social Gathering

Hello Everyone! We’ve introduced a great new social media feature to My Music Staff hosted websites. There’s a new option under “Website” to include your social media profiles in your website footer. We’ve added a column to the “News & Blog Posts” page to more easily identify “Sticky” posts. We fixed a minor issue with …


Stuck on You

Hi Everyone! We’ve added quite a few features to keep you better informed. You can now add “Sticky” posts to your blog and/or studio news. Sticky posts always display at the top of the page so that your students can’t miss it. We’ve changed the order of the fields on the sign-up widget to make …


It’s Been Launched!

Hey Everyone! The substitute feature is now available to all multi-teacher studios! We have some commonly asked questions in the new substitute teacher FAQ category, found here. Take a look at the rest of this week’s updates: – Adult students can now set their profile picture in the Student Portal. – When you add a …


Mystery Solved!

Hi Everyone!¬†Excellent changes made to location and teacher availability this week. Take a look! For multi-teacher studios: There’s a new Teacher Availability feature that allows your teacher to indicate the hours that they are available to teach. Once setup, times when the teacher is not available will be “grayed-out” on the calendar in “Day” and …


All in the Family

Hi Everyone! We’ve made some great improvements to family contacts that we know¬†you’ll love! We’ve added the ability to have more than 2 parents per family. Now you can add as many parents/contacts as the modern family requires. The “Families & Accounts” page no longer lists “Primary” and “Secondary” family contacts; these have been merged …


Timezone Road Trip

Hey Everyone! We’ve got some great changes this week to help overall usability. The calendar now displays a notification when the filter is active (so you can more easily tell when you’re viewing a filtered version of your calendar). All the “Search” buttons in My Music Staff now display in RED when they are active …


A Splash of Color

Here’s the list of this week’s updates: We’ve made a minor update to the look and feel of My Music Staff; the page header and logo when logged into the site has been refreshed. On the student sign-up page/widget the “Gender” field (if enabled) is now displayed directly below the student information, rather than following …


Milk & “Cookies”

Take a look at this week’s great new features and changes: My Music Staff requires cookies to work. If your browser has cookies disabled, My Music Staff will now let you know! If you change your website’s domain name in My Music Staff, we’ll automatically redirect visitors from your old domain name to the new …


Web Ninja

Here’s this week’s improvements: We made an internal change to improve the performance of the “Student Details” page for large studios. The page load time was reduced from a few seconds to under 1 second. We updated the way email addresses are checked to prevent My Music Staff from misidentifying some valid email addresses as …

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