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How to always have more students than you need

Has fluctuating income been a problem for your music studio? Do you find it hard to build up momentum – just when it seems like you’re going to have a banner year you lose students? If you’ve always wanted to know how to always have more students than you need – keep reading. Like it …


Custom Invoice Logos, Notes to Students and More!

At My Music Staff, it’s been another week of working to make our system better. Here are the main changes for the week of November 8th: When recording a student’s attendance you can specify notes to the parents and/or student. This information is now displayed on the calendar when you click the event. Parents and students can …


Student Attendance Explained

I’d like to take a minute to explain the different attendance options that are available in My Music Staff. Student attendance is an important part of your studio for a few reasons. The core to customer satisfaction is good communication. Your students (and their families) are your customers, so communicating your attendance policy clearly and …