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Custom Invoice Logos, Notes to Students and More!


At My Music Staff, it’s been another week of working to make our system better. Here are the main changes for the week of November 8th:

  1. When recording a student’s attendance you can specify notes to the parents and/or student. This information is now displayed on the calendar when you click the event. Parents and students can see this information if they login to the MMS student portal.
  2. Custom invoice logos: This feature is located in your profile, below where your invoice name/address is configured. If you don’t have a logo the default “treble clef” logo is still used.
  3. We’ve added a “Please Wait…” box that appears when My Music Staff is processing a large request for you. You’ll see this is a page is taking a little longer than usual to respond (like when you create invoices in bulk).
  4. We fixed a glitch in the website file upload section. For a while there it wasn’t possible to delete files that were previously uploaded. This should be working normally now.
  5. We made adding credits to family accounts simpler. There’s now an option on the “Accounts & Invoices” page to explicitly add a credit to an account. Note: This is for monetary credits (such as a discount), “make-up credits” are still handled through attendance.

It’s our mission to make MMS the best music studio software product on the market. We want to make it easy for you to run your studio and focus on teaching rather than paperwork.

Sign up for the 30-day free trial, take My Music Staff for a test drive and send us your feedback – who knows, if your suggestion resonates with us and other My Music Staff customers we may even include it in one of our next updates. It’s almost like having your own personal web development team working to make your business software better than ever!

That’s all for now. Have a great week!