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New Options for Teachers

As part of our ongoing effort to make My Music Staff the best software for music teachers, we’ve introduced a few changes this week. Here’s what’s new: We’ve improved the “Help” pop-up for desktops/laptop users (and other large screen devices). The pop-up window is now wider and better suits the long form content. We’ve also …


Email Reminders, Calendar Improvements and More…

Today we’re introducing two new major features to My Music Staff: Email Reminders & Calendar Shortcuts. Email Reminders Building on the changes we made to My Music Staff earlier this week, today we’re adding email reminders. By default, all parents and students are opted-in to receiving email reminders, but this feature is NOT enabled for …


New “Studio Cancellation Policy” Feature

Based on member feedback we’re pleased to introduce a new feature today: Studio Cancellation Policy. This allows you to control how late a student can cancel a lesson without penalty, and how late students can sign up for open events. Note: The cancellation policy settings described here only apply to students who are joining or …


Add Fees to Multiple Families

Today we’ve made a change to My Music Staff that allows you to add fees to multiple families at once. This is a real time saver if you charge your families any sort of annual or per-semester fee. To make this work, we split the “Payments, Fees and Credits” button on the “Families & Invoices” …


Invoice Changes, Email Templates and More

Today we rolled out a few important changes for teachers. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new: Invoice Changes We’ve updated the invoice format so that Charges and Credits are now listed in separate columns. This makes the invoice easier to read and less confusing (few questions from your students means less work for you …


Flexible Invoicing Options for your Studio

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since building My Music Staff, it’s that private music teachers and instructors each have their own unique way of running their business. Some do single lessons and are paid in cash after the lesson Others are paid in advance for a month or even a full semester at a …


Student Attendance Explained

I’d like to take a minute to explain the different attendance options that are available in My Music Staff. Student attendance is an important part of your studio for a few reasons. The core to customer satisfaction is good communication. Your students (and their families) are your customers, so communicating your attendance policy clearly and …

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