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“Loading” Just Got Quicker!

Hello everyone, this week we have a big list of updates, fixes, and improvements that we think will make using My Music Staff even better, and quicker! This Week’s List of Changes: The Attendance Pop-up has been completely redesigned internally so that the “Loading…” box never appears after the popup is open. This should make taking …


A Big Change You Won’t Even Notice

Hello everyone, this week we’re introducing a powerful new feature in My Music Staff: partial make-up credits. Most of you won’t notice any difference, but if you’re a teacher that teaches varying lesson lengths, this will make your life a little easier (and your studio run more equitably). Partial Make-Up Credits In a nutshell, if a student …


Fixes, Tweaks, And Improvements

Hello everyone, this week we’ve got some minor fixes, tweaks, and improvements to My Music Staff as we work on some bigger things behind the scenes (you’re going to love ’em). Here’s a list of this week’s changes: Calendar: • We improved the “Day” drop-down header so it now displays correctly in IE in the “Day” …


All Polished Up & Ready To Go!

This week we’ve polished up a number of existing features in My Music Staff as well as rolling out some great new additions. We think you’ll agree, My Music Staff is all polished up and ready to go! Here’s what’s new and “polished” up this week: Lesson fees and payments received at lessons can now …


Improved Calendar Filters

  Hi Everyone, this week we’re rolling out some improvements to the calendar for multi-teacher (and single teacher) studios. Here’s the rundown: New Calendar Filter We’ve totally redesigned to way the calendar view is filtered. The student/teacher/category drop-down lists are gone, and in it’s place you’ll see a new “Filter” button. When clicked, you’ll see …


Have It Your Way – Part II

Hi Everyone, This week’s update improves upon on some of the email changes we made a few weeks ago. Today we’re rolling out the following enhancements: Now all the System Template and Custom Template emails can be customized with HTML formatting. That means you can change the font, color, bold text, etc. in the system emails. You …


Bits & Bytes

Hello everyone, This week we’ve have made a number of smaller fixes, improvements, and enhancements to My Music Staff. Here’s a list of the changes we made: The home page agenda now displays the Event/Lesson location if one is provided. We’ve updated the way event conflict detection works so that it’s a little smarter with …


Have It Your Way

Hello everyone, This week we’re introducing some exciting and highly requested features to My Music Staff. Now create your own email templates and have them “your way”. As well as custom email templates, we’re excited to introduce the new scheduling “conflict detection” feature. Never worry about booking 2 students in the same time or place again! Custom Email Templates: …


Gearing Up For 2015

To kick off 2015 on a high note we’ve introduced a number of new features, tweaks and improvements to My Music Staff! We hope this will make using My Music Staff even more enjoyable. Here’s what’s new and improved this week: Blog: We’ve added RSS feeds to teacher blogs. When multiple Blog/News Posts are made …


Flog Your Blog

Today we’re taking the wraps off some changes that we’re really excited about. We’re unveiling new Post and Blog features that allows you to create your own news entries in your My Music Staff account. Posts The new “Posts” feature allows you to create news that can be sent to the Student Portal, the Teacher Portal (in …

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