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Repertoire Overhaul: It’s Here!

This week we’re introducing major changes to the Repertoire feature in My Music Staff. We’re updating the way repertoire is stored internally so that a single entry can now be assigned to multiple students! Here’s a summary of changes that we made: There is now a studio-wide Repertoire page that’s accessible from the main menu. …


Sneak Peek: Major Repertoire Changes

There’s a major change around the corner! We don’t normally provide a preview of upcoming changes, but we’d figure we’d share some of the excitement ahead of the release. We’ve been hard at work over the past several weeks to overhaul the repertoire feature. Take a look at the video preview: Stay tuned for the …


As a unit of measurement, we think “titch” is in metric.

The “Balance Paid/Balance Owing” text and color in the Parent Portal is now consistent with the Teacher Portal. So when parents and adult students sign into the Portal, their “Account & Invoices” page will show “Balance Paid” in green and “Balance Owing” is now shown in red! Optimizing for maximum warp! I mean speed! We’ve …


Prestissimo! Faster!

To infinity… and beyond! We’re doing our best to make My Music Staff faster and more efficient to serve your studio’s needs, and we’ve implemented some optimizations to the Student List page to make it load faster. This will be most noticeable for larger studios!  Some other optimizations are secret (read: boring), so shhh. Other …


Notification of Notification Preferences

If you haven’t already guessed, this week’s update involves notifications! We’ve reworked the email notification options. You can now individually toggle the following email notification from your “My Preferences” page: When a student joins a lesson through the Student Portal When a parent/student cancels a lesson through the Student Portal When a parent/student disables email …


Everybody Gets a Cancellation SMS!

You get a SMS! And you get a SMS! Everybody gets a Cancellation SMS! Building on our previous update; when you cancel a day’s worth of events in the Calendar, you’ll now see the option to notify all affected students and parents by SMS. Prior to this change, the SMS option was only available when …


Happy Fix-It Day!

Fix-It Day might not be an official holiday, but here at My Music Staff we decided you might like a pick-me-up after the long weekend. And so, we’ve made some changes! New Features: Building on last week’s changes, you can now create a Student Details Report with blank lines so that parents/students can fill in …


Student Details, Report!

Atten-hut! I apologize for our terrible puns and misuse of commas. New reports are now live in My Music Staff! You can now create a 1-page Student Details Report with all the information in one student’s account. Share these PDFs with your fellow teachers, keep them on file, or send them to parents to verify …


Put Your Best Foot-er Forward

If you’re a studio that takes advantage of Auto-Invoicing, you can now include a custom footer at the bottom of auto-created invoices! This option is stored with the auto-invoice settings, so you can specify a different footer for each family if necessary. This is a great option for families or students that need a gentle …


Play It Safe

Thank you to all those that have already volunteered to test out securing hosting over HTTPS! We now have a number of custom domains hosted by My Music Staff and secured using HTTPS. We’re still looking for some volunteers! If you currently host your website with My Music Staff and use a custom domain, reach …

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