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Beta Testing Thank You

Hello, We would like to thank everyone that has emailed us and expressed interest in being a credit card beta tester. With such an overwhelming response we now have enough beta tester to move forward. We thank everyone who expressed interest. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new feature. – The My Music …


Credit Cards Beta Testing

Hello everyone, This week we’re excited to announce the first of a number of changes to online studio payments. Beginning today My Music Staff has a new process for online payments. Now, when a student/parent clicks the “Make Payment” button (or uses the “Pay Online” link in an invoice), they’ll be taken to a new …


Make-Up Credits By Category

Hello Everyone, This week we’re happy to announce a highly requested feature: the option of disabling make-up credits by event category. This is helpful when scheduling lessons and events that fall into a particular category but you do not wish to issue make-up credits for if a student is absent (i.e. recitals, group lessons, etc.) …


Organize With Folders

Hello Everyone, This week we’re excited to announce the added ability to create and organize your Download Library items into folders. This should make finding and navigating the items in your Download Library a little bit easier for your students and yourself. Folder access is automatically determined by the files within that folder. That means if a …


Printable Lesson Notes

Hi Everyone, We hope you all had a “Hoppy” Easter! Today we’re proud to introduce printable lesson notes. For those of you who love paper, you can now print a physical copy of your lesson notes directly from the attendance popup (you’ll see a new “Print” button located below the lesson notes area). Clicking this …


Keep Calm And Put Your GPS On

Hello everyone, This week we’re introducing the ability to use your phone (or tablet) GPS to track your teaching mileage. Starting right now, if you log into your My Music Staff account from your mobile device, you’ll see a new “Start GPS Trip” button on the mileage page if your device has GPS. To track …


Keep Track Of Downloaded Items

Hello everyone, this week we’ve made a number of smaller fixes and improvements to My Music Staff. We’re also excited to have added a new “logging” feature to the Download Library. Here’s a full list of this weeks changes & additions: The “Address” field on your website’s “Sign-Up” page (if you have one) and the …


Update Potpourri

Hello everyone, this week we have a small but useful set of changes to My Music Staff! This Week’s List of Changes: The menu “Opened/Collapsed” mode has now been made “sticky”. You may not have known, but you can collapse and expand the main menu by clicking he small button beside the “My Music Staff” logo …


Set It And Forget It!

Hello everyone, this week we’re excited to introduce two new highly requested features to My Music Staff.   Recurring Expenses and Studio Email Addresses Recurring Expenses (and Other Income) – Now you can enter a recurring expense the same way you would with mileage (or a recurring lesson). We hope that this will save you some …


Google Calendar Sync Issue

Hi Everyone, This is just a note to let you know that Google appears to be experiencing some problems with their calendar sync. Google stopped updating calendar feeds sometime on March 6th. This appears to be a Google-wide issue as many users are reporting this problem for all synced calendars (it’s not just My Music …

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