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Small Fixes, Big Payoff

For all you avid mobile My Music Staff users, you’ll be happy to hear that you can once again delete Recent Transactions! Go ahead and start deleting! Just kidding, you probably shouldn’t do that… Check out what else is new: The Practice Log chart on the Student Portal homepage now displays minutes instead of fractional …


Fire Up the Widget!

Press the big red button! No, not that button, the other button! This is 100% not how development works at all. Anyway! We made some changes to the registration widget this week, and now it can do more things: Update an existing student in the system with a new phone number and/or address Change an existing …


“Sticky” makes us think of desserts

Sticky buns, anybody? Unfortunately, that’s not what it means today, but if you like My Music Staff reading your mind and doing things the way you like them, you’ll love this! On the Expenses & Other Revenue page, the “Cash/Accrual” option is now sticky, so My Music Staff will remember what you prefer (this also …


Snips, snails and puppy dog tails

That’s what little boys are made of! Well, no, not really. We’ve added a new option for studios that are using the Student Portal: You can now restrict calendar permissions for non-adult students so they won’t be able to cancel lessons or join events (depending on your studio settings). This is helpful for teachers who …


Graceful Update

Hi Everyone! This week we’ve improved a recently released feature, automatic late fees. You can now add a grace period before the automatic late fee is added! We’ve also improved the security of My Music Staff hosted websites. Take a look below for more details. Thank you for your continued feedback! Check out the rest …


A Work In Progress

Hi Everyone! In this week’s update, we’ve focused our efforts on improving the recently released mobile layout based on your feedback. This will be an ongoing project in an effort to improve your mobile experience. We’ve made a handful of minor adjustments to the new mobile layout that was rolled out last week. Now some …


Poco a poco!

Hey, Everyone! We’ve been working really hard to improve the mobile experience of My Music Staff lately. This week we’re excited to introduce a new mobile layout for all tables used on the site. We think this will really improve the user experience across mobile devices. While we are working hard to improve the mobile …


Odds & Ends

Hey Everyone! We’ve seen a torrent of new users begin using My Music Staff in the past couple months, as we quickly approach the new school year. Welcome! We’re very excited to have you onboard. This week’s update consists of just a few small fixes and features while we continue working on some larger “under the …



Hi Everyone! Don’t worry, we’re still here! We’ve been hard at work improving the overall performance of the application as well as fixing up some minor issues. Updates: New students can now be added to existing families on the Waiting List (and existing students can also be merged with families on the Waiting List). We’ve …

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