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“Sticky” makes us think of desserts


Sticky buns, anybody?

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Unfortunately, that’s not what it means today, but if you like My Music Staff reading your mind and doing things the way you like them, you’ll love this! On the Expenses & Other Revenue page, the “Cash/Accrual” option is now sticky, so My Music Staff will remember what you prefer (this also carries over to the Expenses & Other Revenue report default settings so your numbers are always consistent).

Here are the other changes for this week:

  • If you’re using the printed attendance sheets from the Calendar page, now all applicable attendance options are visible when you print it.
  • We’ve optimized the Student Portal dashboard to address some underlying performance problems that could cause this page to take a few seconds to load (depending on your studio size).
  • We fixed a minor issue that could cause “Make-Up Credits (Unscheduled)” to always show 0 credits on the mobile version of My Music Staff.

For multi-teacher studios:

  • Under Teacher Details, the Availability Hours table can now be sorted


Did you know? You can turn off Calendar Permissions for students!

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