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Moving Day

Hi Everyone, This week there’s no software update because last week we were busy executing a carefully planned move of My Music Staff. We almost managed to pull it off with zero downtime, but as some of you noticed we were offline for about 15 minutes on Thursday afternoon. We’ve replaced the entire underlying infrastructure …


Studio Contact Page

Hello Everyone, This week we’re proud to introduce a new addition to the Student Portal as well as a few other minor changes and fixes. Here’s what’s new and improved this week: We’ve added a new “Studio Info” page to the Student Portal. This page displays your studio address and contact information, along with teacher contact …


Teacher Privileges

Hello Everyone, This week’s updates consist of a few changes to non-admin teacher privilege options for multi-teacher studios as well as a handful of other useful changes to My Music Staff. Here’s what’s new and improved this week: If you’re using a custom domain name with My Music Staff, you can now supply your own …


This And That

Hello Everyone, This week’s updates consists of a number of smaller changes to My Music Staff. Here’s what’s new and improved this week: We removed the second line of buttons from the “Invoices” tab on the Families & Invoices page and replaced it with a “Search” button so that it’s consistent with the rest of My …


Lessons, Events & More

Hi Everyone, This we’ve added a new “shortcut” to the calendar making it easy to add “Non-Teaching” events. You can use this feature for any non-student related events that you may wish to add to your calendar such as doctor’s appointments or anything else you may need to schedule. Other changes and improvements this week: On the …