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A Waaaaay Better Login Widget


Today we’re launching an updated My Music Staff login “widget”. If you don’t already know, the login widget allows your students to login from a 3rd party hosted website (like a WordPress blog). Today’s update dramatically improves the login widget in a few ways:

  1. Your students can now request a password reset directly from your site
  2. Failed log in attempts are now handled directly on your site
  3. If your students use the “Remember Me” checkbox, they can log back into the site in one-click (this makes it much easier to access the Practice Log)

To use the new widget, embed the following code on your page:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

If your website is hosted with My Music Staff then you already have this update! Here it is in action:

The New Login Widget

The New Login Widget

"Remember Me" Allows Quick Access

“Remember Me” Allows Quick Access

Invalid Password Handled On Site

Invalid Password Handled On Site

We’ve also made the usual set of smaller tweaks and improvements. Here’s what new:

  • We changed the default date range used when creating invoices so that the next month is pre-selected if you’re invoicing after the 15th of the month
  • We changed the title displayed in the Student Portal to the name of your studio (instead of the title of your website)
  • When you clone an event from the calendar, it no longer clones the student lesson notes
  • We’ve added a chart to the Expenses and Other Income page so you can see past and future (predicted) income
  • We fixed a number of minor issues with the calendar (the pop-ups are more reliable and we fixed a problem with leap-year birthdays)
  • The PDF version of the student list has been updated so that the parents are listed with each student
  • On the Student Email page  we merged the “Students” and “Parents” drop down lists into one, and added “Teachers” as an option for multi-teacher studios
  • We fixed the Agenda report so that “All Day” events now actually display “All Day”
  • We added a “%Duration%” placeholder to the Event Reminder emails so students can tell how long their lessons are
  • You can now mark students as Active/Inactive in bulk from the bottom of the Student list page
  • We’ve updated the font faces in all the reports and invoices so that they are Unicode friendly (for members using languages that don’t use Latin characters)

And finally, next Monday (August 4th) is a holiday up here in Canada. To accommodate the holiday weekend and staff vacation time, there will be no regularly scheduled update next week. We’ll resume updates the following week.

Have a great week!


  • Kristin
    July 30, 2014

    Does this work with, or just

    • admin
      July 30, 2014

      Right now it works with any system that will let you embed JavaScript in your pages/posts. Unfortunately doesn’t allow <script> tags, so we’re trying to get it added as a WordPress plugin. (If you self-host your blog using, you should be able to embed the widget without any issues.)

  • Kati
    July 31, 2014

    I had a parent request a password reset when she logged on but never received anything. She had to ask me to it directly. Is this related to this update?

    • admin
      July 31, 2014

      Hi Kati, we looked into this for you and we did find a problem that could affect the password reset in some cases. We’ve fixed this on our end so your parents/students shouldn’t have any problems. Sorry about that!

  • Christine MacKay
    August 7, 2014

    Hi team at my music staff. I am extremely pleased with your help with details and your continual updates. Can you please tell me, do you have an app for android phones whereby I can access the calendar at any time? I am not always able to get on-line. I use google calendar, I synced my music staff with google, and now I have a lot written on one timeline. I deleted things on my google calendar to keep the page tidy and found that when syncing to my note 3 – no my staff info and calendar empty! Yes, I am learning by mistakes. Once again, I would like to say a big public high-five to you all. Regards, Chrissy, New Zealand.

    • admin
      August 8, 2014

      Hi Chrissy,

      When you sync your My Music Staff calendar with Google, those events are read-only in your Google calendar. That means that you can delete them from your Google calendar, but they’ll still exist in My Music Staff (so don’t worry, you didn’t erase your lessons!).

      It sounds like you might need to use the “Sync” button on the My Music Staff calendar page to reconnect your Google calendar with My Music Staff. If that doesn’t work, contact us directly at and we’ll help you sort this out.