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Summertime and the livin’ is EASY


All the changes we’ve made in the last month altogether!

  • During busy periods, (1st of the month, we’re looking at you…) if your auto-invoices are delayed due to a high volume of invoices being processed at once, we’ve added a message to your account that tells you that your invoices are queued up for processing.
  • In the Student Portal, some internal techno-babble was being displayed if a student tried to join a lesson that caused a scheduling conflict. It now displays a human friendly error message.
  • If you sync your calendar with Outlook Desktop, the Calendar Feed should no longer create warning messages.
  • We made some internal adjustments to add additional stand-by capacity to our web servers so that the system can better accommodate large traffic swings and/or the failure of a web server more gracefully. (I’ve hidden this in the middle of the list, but I promise this is a BIG DEAL! My Music Staff, to infinity & beyond!)
  • We’ve added additional music notes/symbols to the Lesson Notes/HTML editor (you may need to refresh once or twice to see the change).
  • For studios in South Africa, the CSV/Excel reports now use “;” as the separator.
  • If you’re using Firefox, leading and trailing spaces will no longer cause an “invalid email address” error to appear.
  • Expense Attachments are no longer limited to just images. Go ahead and attach PDF receipts!
  • We fixed a couple of different issues with the website editor that could prevent you from adding Amazon affiliate links, Facebook Chat widgets, etc. All that stuff should work now.
  • Dutch translations are now available for the Sign-Up widget.

For multi-teacher studios:

  • We fixed an issue with the Sign-Up widget that would prevent the “No Preferred Teacher” option from being selected, if the sign-up form also had the Instrument field displayed.


Did you know? If you set attendance to “Teacher Absent,” automatic Email/SMS reminders will be sent to attendees!

Please note: If you require technical assistance, please contact our support team at