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Solid Foundation


Over the past several months, we’ve made a large number of internal changes to the site to improve page load times across the board. Some of these internal changes are also setting the groundwork for some highly requested features 🙂

This week at MMS:

  • On the Student Details page, the Repertoire tab now remembers your selected columns between sessions/devices.
  • We’ve made some changes to our network configuration to ensure continued PCI compliance for new rules coming into effect June 30th.

A bug fix or two…

  • We fixed a timeout issue that could occur when sending emails to a large number of recipients with in-line images.
  • We corrected an issue in the Student Portal that was causing the wrong conflict message to be displayed when a student tried booking into a conflicting lesson/make-up time.

For multi-teacher studios:

  • Admins can now edit/delete blog posts in bulk that were created by other teachers in the studio.
  • The Teachers & Admins and Teacher Details pages have been optimized to load more quickly.


Did you know? A “Show Inactive” button now exists in the student repertoire assignment page. This button shows inactive students assigned to a repertoire.

Please note: If you require technical assistance, please contact our support team at