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Recent Changes to My Music Staff


Over the last two weeks we rolled out a number of changes and improvements to My Music Staff. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

  1. We’ve added statistics and notes to the student attendance view, providing a central location to view notes from previous lessons at a glance.
  2. We’ve added a repertoire section to student profiles. Now you can keep track of what students are learning and where they’ve performed.
  3. You can now contact support directly from My Music Staff. When you click the “?” help button there is a new option to email a question to support.
  4. The income and expense report now displays net income at the bottom and can be grouped by income/expense category. This allows you to view the total income/expense per category (i.e. rent).
  5. The calendar has been improved in a number of ways:
    1. The attendee names are now visible when there are multiple attendees
    2. It’s easier to make lessons public (so that students can arrange lesson swapping with one another)
    3. The number of total and taken slots is now displayed for space limited events
    4. It’s now easier to create All-Day events in the calendar
    5. We’ve removed another JavaScript dependency so that the calendar loads faster than ever
  6. The student email form now allows you to add extra emails addresses when you compose an email. That means you can include people who aren’t in your studio when you send a mass email (i.e. friends and family)

In addition to these very visible changes to My Music Staff, we’ve also made a lot of improvements and bug fixes behind the scenes. Please keep your feedback coming!