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Ready for Delivery!


‘Tis the season for some new feature updates! We’ve been keeping our ears open for your feedback around email deliverability and have been continuously monitoring everything we can to make sure your studio emails are being successfully received by your families. This week’s update focuses on our new Deliverability Report, which can be found in the “Email & SMS” tab in your Studio Settings. The “Deliverability Report” will provide clarity on what email is being used to send/receive emails.

If you use a public email provider (eg. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo), they’ll now be sent as “Studio Name via My Music Staff” from If you use a custom email domain provider, you’ll be able to find more information on how My Music Staff delivers your emails, and how to update your SPF records so My Music Staff can continue to send emails using your email address.

If you have a custom domain email, click here to check out our Help article on how to improve your email deliverability.

Here’s our full list of updates: 

  • We added the Delivery Report to your Studio Settings page, to provide you with information how/why My Music Staff is delivering their email and (if possible) steps to improve this
  • Images with special characters in the name should now appear correctly in the Student/Teacher portal news sections.
  • If a payment is received for a family who has been deleted from the studio, the notification is logged to the studio’s notifications.
  • For multi-teacher studios, the “Record Payment with Attendance” privilege is no longer linked to “Manage Other Teacher’s Schedules and Students” option.

Here are some other improvements: 

  • We fixed an issue with the %InvoicePayURL% placeholder not working consistently if you were using PayPal Standard as your payment processor.
  • We fixed an issue with the invoice pay URLs, affecting some Android mail clients.

Did you know? We’ve released an opt-in version of our new Student Portal! Click here to learn more.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at