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Printable Lesson Notes



Hi Everyone,

We hope you all had a “Hoppy” Easter! Today we’re proud to introduce printable lesson notes. For those of you who love paper, you can now print a physical copy of your lesson notes directly from the attendance popup (you’ll see a new “Print” button located below the lesson notes area). Clicking this button will open your lesson notes PDF in a new tab so you can print them off (or save it).

You can still email lesson notes the same way you always have, but this added option let’s you also give a physical copy if circumstances require it.

In addition to this, we’ve made the following changes and improvements:

  • Recurring expenses/other income no longer skips blocked dates on the calendar.
  • Updated the in-app help for the Studio Email page.
  • The Lessons Taught, Billable Hours and Income/Expense report have been updated so the end date is inclusive.
  • If you edit a single expense/other income entry, it can now be converted to recurring.
  • We fixed a glitch in the sales tax feature that would prevent you from editing events that had a previously assigned tax which was removed from your studio account.
  • We made some internal changes to better support IE9 and older browsers (for those of you still hanging on to Windows XP and Vista).
  • We fixed an obscure bug that would prevent users from South Africa from entering in prices.
  • On the home screen agenda hovering the cursor over a student name now displays their parent’s names.
  • For multi-teacher studios, administrators can now view agendas for other teachers on the home page.

We hope you enjoy these changes! Have a great week.

– The My Music Staff Team

Did you know? You can change the time picker interval in My Music Staff. It can be as specific as every 1 minute, or as coarse as every 30 minutes. You can adjust this setting on your “My Preferences” page when you’re logged into My Music Staff (click your name at the top right hand corner of the screen).


  • April 8, 2015

    Thanks for the updates! Also, a special thank you for helping those of us with the older systems — I’m still hanging on to XP!!

  • April 11, 2015

    I can’t find where to put lesson notes to begin with. I don’t see it as an option on the attendance pop up on my calendar or on today’s agenda. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    • April 11, 2015

      Found it! 🙂

  • April 29, 2015

    This is a fantastic upgrade! Thank you!