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Prestissimo! Faster!


To infinity… and beyond! We’re doing our best to make My Music Staff faster and more efficient to serve your studio’s needs, and we’ve implemented some optimizations to the Student List page to make it load faster. This will be most noticeable for larger studios!  Some other optimizations are secret (read: boring), so shhh.

Other fun things:

  • For multi-teacher studios, the Calendar can now display “Color by Teacher” to non-admin users who have access to everyone’s calendar.
  • Students can now cancel their attendance to studio-wide events through the Student Portal.
  • Student lesson cancellation emails sent to teachers will now include the explanation text about make-up credits. Now everyone knows!

And some bug fixes too!

  • If you tried to add a new student to an existing family with only inactive students, an error would occur. This problem has been resolved.


Did you know? You can now individually toggle the following email notification from your “My Preferences” page.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at