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Preparing for a September to Remember


As we prepare for the beginning of September, today’s update focuses mostly on the upcoming Sales Tax feature, with only a few minor visible changes. We’ve also made a number of internal improvements and bug fixes. Here’s what’s different this week:

  • We’ve added a “Remittance” button on the Expenses page for tracking Sales Tax remittances (this is only visible if you have Sales Tax setup in your studio; still beta testing).
  • There’s a new Sales Tax report which reports the amount of sales tax collected on revenue, paid on expenses and remitted to the government.
  • We’ve changed the Student Portal calendar so that events which are full, and the student is not attending are not visible by default. This reduces clutter and makes it easier for your students to find open slots if you make your schedule visible to all students. There’s a new button labelled “Show Full Events” which will turn these back on.
  • We’ve improved the Webpage Editor so that it more clearly warns you if your webpage cannot be saved (usually due to a missing title or some other field).
  • The income forecast chart on the Expenses and Other Income page now takes into account any refunds that have been issued.
  • When editing a teacher’s profile (in the multi-teacher version of My Music Staff), Inactive students are no longer displayed in the student list.
  • We made some optimizations to the way the Families & Invoices page is displayed to improve the load time for larger studios.
  • The “Hide $0 Due” button on the invoices tab of the “Families & Invoices” page now also hides invoices which have status “Paid”.

Next Monday is Labor day (or Labour Day depending on where you live), so there will be no regularly scheduled update.

This fall we’re looking forward to introducing a number of exciting new features and changes. Some will be big, some will be small, but they’re all going to be great!

See you in September!


  • August 25, 2014

    Yay! Thanks for letting full events be not visible! The parents in my studio have been saying how much they love your software.

  • Christine MacKay
    August 28, 2014

    Hi, so happy with your web site. In New Zealand we bill our pupils per term to term basis. We have 4 terms in each year. Can I copy my calendar forward [omitting the 2 weeks holidays] or do I need to reset the whole calendar up again? Thank you so much for everything. Chrissy.

    • admin
      August 28, 2014

      Hi Chrissy, there’s no way to copy the calendar from one month to the next. But here’s what we recommend:

      1) Setup the entire year at once (so all 4 terms) if the schedule is going to be largely the same each term.
      2) Use the “Repeat” feature when you schedule lesson times so that you don’t need to enter the same time each week.
      3) Even though you’ve scheduled a year of lessons, you’ll still create the invoices quarterly (once per term). When it’s time to invoice just select the date range for that term and My Music Staff will only include the lesson times/fees that occurred during those dates.
      4) Consider using the “Blocked Dates” feature to block off the holiday dates before you schedule the lessons. That way My Music staff will automatically skip those holidays when creating recurring lessons.

      That should save you a fair chunk of time because you can set your calendar once for the year, and then just generate invoices as needed.