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Hi Everyone! This week we’re happy to announce the release of one of our most requested features to date:  recurring events with no end dates. Yes, it is now possible to schedule an event indefinitely. This new feature also applies when adding charges, discounts, and mileage entries!

Other notable changes:

  • Membership receipts now format correctly on A4 (and other non-Letter paper sizes).
  • Minor change to invoices: Event Descriptions will no longer be printed directly on the invoice UNLESS they are marked as “Show Directly on Calendar“. This should help save space and avoid clutter on invoices.
  • The Mileage page has been simplified by combining the year-month drop down lists into one.
  • We’ve made more improvements to the Login Widget to work better with Wix in different scenarios.
  • We identified and fixed an issue with automatic invoices that could prevent them from being automatically marked as “Paid” if the system was under heavy load AND the family was using auto-pay.


Did you know? There’s a new “Save & Next” option when adding Expenses or Other Income to your studio (to make it faster to add multiple expenses)

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at