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What’s New for November – Recurring Lessons & Monthly Billing


Halloween has come and gone, and with it come more enhancements to My Music Staff.

First on the docket this week: We’ve added support for students who pay the same amount every month, regardless of how many lessons they receive. Like the rest of My Music Staff, we wanted this feature to be easy to use. We think we nailed it.

When you create a new student, you get the option to choose if the student pays by the month, or pays by the lesson. If the student pays by the month, a monthly charge is automatically generated when you set the student’s attendance. Any month that has a single billable lesson will automatically create their monthly charge. That means when students stop taking lessons for the summer, My Music Staff doesn’t bill them. When they come back in September, it starts automatically.

Pretty simple, right?

My Music Staff billing types for students


Next up: We simplified creating student lessons. Gone is the drag and drop interface that allowed to schedule a single lesson. Dragging and dropping was fun, but it was annoying when you wanted to recreate multiple lessons (which you all wanted to do).

We’ve replaced it with a new interface that allows you to easily create recurring lessons for students. All the other event types are still there (and you can add your own), which you access by clicking “Create New Event”.

Easily create recurring lessons for students in My Music Staff

Lastly: We made a handful of formatting and layout changes throughout the application. We’ve improved the look of the date and time pickers, and we also enhanced the calendar in the student portal. It’s now a little easier for your students to schedule themselves (if that’s how you’re using My Music Staff).

We hope you enjoy these new enhancements!



  • November 3, 2014

    I have signed up for multiple teachers. Me and 2 others. I don’t know how to take attendance for their students on my ipad. I emailed about it before but didn’t get a reply. If I can’t keep track of their students on this same device then I will go back to being a single teacher and I’ll keep track of their students without MyMusicStaff because that is what I am doing now. Options: please tell me how to take their roll on my ipad. OR tell me how to go back to being single teacher fee. Thank you. Sincerely, Maureen Hunt

  • admin
    November 4, 2014

    Hello Maureen,

    I’m very sorry if we missed your original email, my apologize. Please see the link below to our FAQ page that covers all of your attendance questions. If you require any further assistance please feel free to email us at:

    Thanks Maureen.