My Music Staff Mention – Sara’s Music Studio Blog

My Music Staff Mention – Sara’s Music Studio Blog

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Sara, she is a well-established and ‘vocal’ member of the music teaching community. She regularly blogs on her own site ( and runs the Voice Teachers Community. Aside from her own blog, she has recently written for Clavier Companion and has appeared on industry podcasts, such as Tim Topham and Full Voice Series. Sara is a recent subscriber to My Music Staff and has found it to be a life saver.

Studio Subscription: My Music Staff

This “studio assistant” is a life saver. I’m using it for my lesson calendar, invoicing, online payments, and for lesson swaps/reschedules. In the past I used several free services to do these things, but it was just too time consuming!

My favorite part: Automated invoicing and the options to send text/email reminders to families who have really busy schedules. I’m really hoping that this cuts down on last minute cancellations this year.

(And I want to stop playing “monkey in the middle” when it comes to rescheduling. Here’s to hopefully making that part of my business hands-free.)

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