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My Music Staff Updates


Here’s the latest roll-up of changes we’ve made to My Music Staff over the last couple of weeks.

Email Attachments

You can now add email attachments when you email students and parents from My Music Staff. You can add up to three attachments totalling 25MB. If you have larger files you wish to send (such as an video), please use the “Library” feature to make it available to your students. 25MB is the largest attachment size accepted by most email providers (including Gmail and Yahoo). Even if we let you attach larger files, they wouldn’t be delivered to your recipients.

Email Inactive Students and Parents

We’ve added the ability to select between “Active” and “Inactive” Parents and Students when sending emails. This allows you to distinguish between students you’re currently teaching, and those who are no longer taking lessons. If you want to market your teaching services to past students, email is a great way to get back in touch! (Note: You can set which students are inactive in the student profile, see the “Options” tab.)

Auto-Populating Expenses and Other Income

Tracking expenses and other income is now a little bit easier. When you add a new Expense or Other Income item, My Music Staff will auto-suggest the Payer/Payee. When you chose an existing Payer/Payee the Amount, Check Category and Description fields will be pre-populated for you based on your history. This will save you a lot of typing if you frequently enter the same values.

What did we miss?

Is there a feature or suggestion you’d like to make? Let us know by emailing us at! We’d love to hear from you and your request might become a future My Music Staff updates.