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Multi-Teacher Features Now Available to All


Today we’re pleased to announce a formal end to the beta test of My Music Staff’s multi-teacher features. Thanks to everyone who helped out and provided feedback!

Now anyone can now upgrade to the multi-teacher version of My Music Staff at any time. If you’re an individual teacher and you hire someone else to teach for you, you can easily switch plans and add a second (or third) teacher to your account.

If you’re an individual teacher, My Music Staff still costs just $12.95/mo with unlimited students. Adding additional teachers to your account costs just $3.95/mo per teacher. As you’d expect, all features are included and there are no student limits.

For example, if you’re a couple who teaches, you can now both share My Music Staff for just $16.90/mo. Or, if you’re a team of 5 teachers, you can all use My Music Staff for less than $30/mo.

If you’re subscribed to My Music Staff with a credit card, you can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time from the “Membership” tab on the Studio Settings page. We’ll automatically pro-rate any billing differences to the start of your next billing cycle. (If you’re subscribed using PayPal, you’ll need to unsubscribe first, then resubscribe on the preferred plan.)

New Features and Changes

This week we made a number of minor changes to My Music Staff. Here’s what’s different:

  • The calendar size is now proportional to the size of your browser, so the entire month view should fit on your screen without scrolling (unless you have many items on the calendar, in which case the calendar will inevitably stretch).
  • We’ve enhanced the Student Import feature we added last week to fix a number of minor issues and make it easier to import student lists from other programs.
  • Pop-ups can now be submitted using the “Enter” key on your keyboard (or use “Esc” to cancel).
  • We fixed a number of typos (thanks to our eagle eyed members who submitted them).
  • We’ve added new placeholders for the student names in the Lesson Notes email template.
  • When invoicing, now only Active families are displayed.
  • In Multi-Teacher studios, we’ve added a new stat box so administrators can see all the lessons/events remaining on the home page.
  • In Multi-Teacher studios, administrators can now see overdue attendance for all teachers on the home page.


  • Maureen Hunt
    September 23, 2014

    Hi, I have one (soon 2 ) teachers working for me. When I am on my ‘home’ screen I can take role for the students assigned to me. Where do I take role (or they take roll) for the students assigned to other teachers?
    Thank you. Maureen

  • Nathan Daniels
    March 10, 2015

    Hello! I wanted to know something. If I add more teachers, will they have there own sign in? Does the other teachers have the ability to handle there own students through the website or do I have to run everything? I just want to know exactly how It should be ran with more teachers. Thanks!

    • admin
      March 10, 2015

      Hello Nathan,

      Thanks for the message. Yes, each teacher would receive their own username and password and have the ability to handle their own students. I have included a link below with more information on multi-teacher accounts.