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In the lead up to the holiday season, we gift you…a referral program! That’s right, it’s back by popular demand! Use the “Tell a Friend” link located on the homepage to invite friends to use My Music Staff. If your friend becomes a subscribed member, you’ll both get an extra month free!

Other cool new things to get excited about:

  • When you’re adding new students to your studio, My Music Staff will now warn you if you’re adding a duplicate parent (instead of joining the student to an existing family).
  • The sign-up widget will now display a big red error message at the top of the form if it contains one or more errors. We hope that this change will help prospective parents and students realize when they’ve missed an item or two on the form.
    Just a gentle reminder to everyone watching at home: The longer your sign-up form, the less chance that someone will actually complete it. Try to keep the number of questions to a minimum in order to maximize the number of leads that you capture!
  • The Expenses and Other Revenue page now includes a column picker so that you can suppress columns you’re not using or don’t wish to see by default.

We fixed the “oops”:

  • If you’re a teacher with a super-mega-ultra long name (ex. Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini), My Music Staff will now truncate it for you on the homepage so it doesn’t clobber the logo and make a mess of the page layout.
  • When My Music Staff sends an email, we automatically send both the HTML formatted version and a simplified plain-text email for older/simpler mail clients. We found and fixed an issue that would sometimes allow some HTML formatting to sneak it’s way into those simplified emails, resulting in a confusing, hard to read message.
  • If you’re using My Music Staff from a mobile device, the checkboxes on the lending library list are now visible to you.

This will be the last regularly scheduled update until the new year. We’ve got lots we’re working on and we’ll resume regular updates the second week of January. See you in the new year!

Did you know? If your credit card is about to expire within the next month, My Music Staff will send you an email reminder!

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at