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Happy Halloween! We have some BOO-ring updates!
















Look at the cute little ghost. He thinks our updates are pretty Boo!-ring too. But don’t worry, that just means we’re cleaning things up in the back end to make My Music Staff run more smoothly!

This week’s updates:

  • On the Family Account Details page, the balance is now displayed as “$x.xx owing as of YYYY/MM/DD” in an effort to make the balance more transparent.
  • For studios that use PayPal Pro or Stripe, if you enter a credit card manually into a family’s account, the CVC code is no longer required. (It’s still required for parents to enter it online.)

Upcoming events:

We’ll be in Salt Lake City, Utah this week for the UMTA conference November 3rd and 4th!  See their website here for further details.

We’ll be visiting San Francisco, California for the National Guild Conference on November 15th to 18th! See more details about the Conference for Community Arts Education here. 

Here at My Music Staff we wish you a safe and spooky Halloween!

Did you know?  Enabling Auto-Pay for a parent will make them the Preferred Invoice Recipient!

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