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Sorry, I Can’t Make It!

This week, we changed the behavior if you cancel a lesson by setting the attendance to “Teacher Absent”. With this attendance status selected, an SMS/Email Reminder is now automatically sent using the “Event Cancelled” email/SMS template. This ensures that students and parents who use SMS/email reminders will be notified in advance of the canceled lesson (no additional …


Solid Foundation

Over the past several months, we’ve made a large number of internal changes to the site to improve page load times across the board. Some of these internal changes are also setting the groundwork for some highly requested features 🙂 This week at MMS: On the Student Details page, the Repertoire tab now remembers your …


Clear skies and sunny days ahead!

We’ve weathered the New Feature storm, everyone! We can all take a breath. If you’re still experiencing issues and our in-app Help Center doesn’t quite answer your question, reach out to us! Our latest improvements: The Revenue and Expense Report has been optimized so that it generates much more quickly for large studios. We’ve updated …


Thank you for your amazing feedback!

We couldn’t do this without you, music lovers. A couple of weeks ago, we refreshed the Repertoire feature using your ongoing feedback over the years. Web development is not always a smooth process, so there were some hiccups along the way. We’re grateful for your feedback and we appreciate your patience with these growing pains. …


In Pursuit of Repertoire Perfection

New can be great but might not be perfect: Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on our big Repertoire update from last week. Based on that feedback, we rolled out a number of additional changes and improvements: There were some initial display problems with the new Repertoire list page on mobile devices. That has been resolved. We …


Repertoire Overhaul: It’s Here!

This week we’re introducing major changes to the Repertoire feature in My Music Staff. We’re updating the way repertoire is stored internally so that a single entry can now be assigned to multiple students! Here’s a summary of changes that we made: There is now a studio-wide Repertoire page that’s accessible from the main menu. …


Sneak Peek: Major Repertoire Changes

There’s a major change around the corner! We don’t normally provide a preview of upcoming changes, but we’d figure we’d share some of the excitement ahead of the release. We’ve been hard at work over the past several weeks to overhaul the repertoire feature. Take a look at the video preview: Stay tuned for the …


As a unit of measurement, we think “titch” is in metric.

The “Balance Paid/Balance Owing” text and color in the Parent Portal is now consistent with the Teacher Portal. So when parents and adult students sign into the Portal, their “Account & Invoices” page will show “Balance Paid” in green and “Balance Owing” is now shown in red! Optimizing for maximum warp! I mean speed! We’ve …


Prestissimo! Faster!

To infinity… and beyond! We’re doing our best to make My Music Staff faster and more efficient to serve your studio’s needs, and we’ve implemented some optimizations to the Student List page to make it load faster. This will be most noticeable for larger studios!  Some other optimizations are secret (read: boring), so shhh. Other …


Notification of Notification Preferences

If you haven’t already guessed, this week’s update involves notifications! We’ve reworked the email notification options. You can now individually toggle the following email notification from your “My Preferences” page: When a student joins a lesson through the Student Portal When a parent/student cancels a lesson through the Student Portal When a parent/student disables email …

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