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Practice Makes Perfect

This week we’ve made a few more changes to the My Music Staff “Home” page. As suggested by several members, we’ve added the student’s practice time to the Agenda. For studios with students that use the Practice Log feature, you can now see how many hours of practice time your student has logged since their …


Calendar & Student Tweaks

Here’s a summary of changes to My Music Staff for the week of May 20th: We’ve updated the home page agenda so that student repertoire that’s currently “In Progress” will be displayed below the student’s name. This will help teachers with a heavy student load remember which pieces their students are working on. If you’re …


Printer-Friendly Attendance Sheets & Schedules

This week we’ve added a “Download” option to the calendar page which allows you to download a printable (PDF) version of your attendance sheets and/or your daily schedule. This is ideal for teachers who don’t have an iPad or computer in their studio and want to take notes throughout the day, then input them into …


Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

This week we’re introducing some changes to the calendar and student details centered around birthdays. We started by adding birthdays to the main calendar; you can now see birthdays as individual events. By default this option is enabled but it can be turned off in your Profile Settings page. We decided not to include birthdays …


More Ways to Customize My Music Staff

This week we’ve added a number of new features to My Music Staff. Here’s what’s new: Invoice Due Dates – When creating new invoices you can now provide an optional due date. If you select a due date, it will be printed at the top of the invoices. Invoice Numbers – My Music Staff can …


Cancellation Notes, Event Editing and New Options

This morning we successfully rolled out our weekly update to  My Music Staff. Here’s a summary of the changes: Family Filter Last week we added the ability to filter the calendar by Student and Event Category. Based on your feedback, we’ve improved the student filtering by adding “Family” entries for families with multiple students. If …


Filters, Calendar Changes and Report Options

This morning we rolled out some changes to various aspects of My Music Staff. Here’s a summary of what’s new: Invoice Filters We’ve added filters to the “Families & Invoices” page so that you can view invoices from a specific date range. This is helpful if you’d like to only see invoices created recently. There …


Calendar and Invoice Changes

Today we’ve rolled out a handful of changes to the calendar interface in an effort to improve overall readability. We’ve moved the “Calendar Tools” buttons from the right hand side of the screen to the up above the calendar. This provides the calendar with the maximum horizontal space so that it reads better (especially for …


New Options for Teachers

As part of our ongoing effort to make My Music Staff the best software for music teachers, we’ve introduced a few changes this week. Here’s what’s new: We’ve improved the “Help” pop-up for desktops/laptop users (and other large screen devices). The pop-up window is now wider and better suits the long form content. We’ve also …


Google Calendar Sync Issues

There is currently an issue syncing My Music Staff with your Google calendar. We are working on the issue and expect to have it resolved later today. We apologize for any inconvenience. Update (Mar 25, 9AM): This issue is now resolved, but it may take a few hours before Google re-reads your specific calendar feed. …

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