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Private and Group Lessons

We understand that every lesson is different. With My Music Staff, you can easily schedule individual lessons and group lessons! Set up default pricing for each student to make scheduling their private lessons just a few clicks away.

Open Lesson Slots

Create open lesson slots so your students can register for lessons through the Student Portal! Set up policies in your Studio Settings to control registration and cancellation deadlines, and even automatically convert cancelled lessons into open slots.

Online Lessons

Music teachers all over the world have adapted to virtual teaching – whether it’s a long-term business model, short-term solution during a studio closure, or an alternate way of offering make-up lessons. My Music Staff integrates with Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype, so you can easily save usernames or meeting URLs and join lessons directly from your calendar!


Add lesson categories and locations to make it that much easier to organize your studio. Create categories for different instruments, recitals, and studio closures. Use locations to add different lesson rooms to avoid double booking, or separate your studio lessons from your home lessons. Use locations to schedule your Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype lessons – add the “Location” placeholder to lesson reminders and your students will get sent the link! Color-code your calendar by category, teacher or location for an easy-to-read schedule.


My Music Staff makes it easy to track student attendance with options for every situation. Choose from Present, Late, Absent, or Teacher Absent, then select the correct billing option. Each time a student’s attendance is taken, their Family Account will automatically be up to date with the correct charges, removing any extra manual work for you!

Make-up Credits

It’s easy to track make-up credits with My Music Staff! Enable make-up credits for specific categories, and you’ll be able to issue credits when taking attendance. Allow students to register for their own make-up lesson through the Student Portal, or apply the credit when taking attendance. Need to give an extra credit? No problem – just add a manual make-up credit in their student profile!

Calendar Sync

So many students, so little time! Sync your My Music Staff calendar with your phone, tablet or computer’s calendar; no matter where you are, your calendar is with you. And, if you choose to give your students access to the Student Portal, they can view and sync their own schedules too!

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