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Important: Sort, Import, Port(al)

Here at My Music Staff, we love being organized. We’re sure you do too! Our updates this week are all about optimizing your online organization! (See what I did there?) Online Resources: We’ve modified the Online Resources section in the Student Portal so that items are sorted by filename by default. This makes your resources …


A Little Light Update

Because we’re brewing BIG THINGS here at My Music Staff! I know it’s not as exciting and glamorous as a new feature, but our development team is hard at work making big changes behind the scenes. We’re trying to make sure that the scenery doesn’t fall down! Everything will work much more smoothly and efficiently …


Can You Hear Me Now?

We’ve released an update to our Help Center! We now have more extensive help videos, which include audio instructions. They also have subtitles, for those who prefer to watch Netflix on mute. To find them, click on the question mark icon in the top right-hand corner in your My Music Staff account. You can also …


Build a Safer, More Secure Website!

If you’re using a custom domain name with My Music Staff and you don’t yet have a SSL certificate, it’s time to update your domain configuration (it’s easy and free). We’ll be sending an email to anyone who needs to update their domain configuration. If you’re already using My Music Staff to host your website, you’re A-OK …


A Grab Bag of Improvements

Improving the Sign-Up Widget: If you’re using the new Sign-Up widget with a Policy Agreement field, any links to the policy itself should now work correctly. For those using the old Sign-Up widget, the Policy Agreement should put something more user friendly in the student note field. If you have a statement (something like “I …


Your Invoices Are 99% Complete!

When you create invoices in bulk, My Music Staff will now display a progress bar! It makes it easy to see how many are completed and how many are left to go. This should also resolve page time-out issues that some studios were experiencing when manually generating large numbers of invoices. Other Improvements This Week: …


Loop + Repeat

The embedded video/audio player in the Media Library now has the ability to loop specific ranges. This allows students to repeat specific sections for practice without having to manually rewind the track each time. Other Updates: Receipt emails now include an attached PDF receipt. The receipt shows your studio address, the amount received (or refunded) …


Happy to Report!

We’re always working on improving My Music Staff with great ideas and feedback from teachers just like you!  Here’s a list of the changes we’ve made to Reports this week:  Added Paid, Void, Date Emailed and Date Reminded to the Invoice Details export file. We’ve updated the Billable Hours report so that the Studio Revenue …

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