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Google Calendar Sync Issues

There is currently an issue syncing My Music Staff with your Google calendar. We are working on the issue and expect to have it resolved later today. We apologize for any inconvenience. Update (Mar 25, 9AM): This issue is now resolved, but it may take a few hours before Google re-reads your specific calendar feed. …


Email Reminders, Calendar Improvements and More…

Today we’re introducing two new major features to My Music Staff: Email Reminders & Calendar Shortcuts. Email Reminders Building on the changes we made to My Music Staff earlier this week, today we’re adding email reminders. By default, all parents and students are opted-in to receiving email reminders, but this feature is NOT enabled for …


New “Studio Cancellation Policy” Feature

Based on member feedback we’re pleased to introduce a new feature today: Studio Cancellation Policy. This allows you to control how late a student can cancel a lesson without penalty, and how late students can sign up for open events. Note: The cancellation policy settings described here only apply to students who are joining or …


Add Fees to Multiple Families

Today we’ve made a change to My Music Staff that allows you to add fees to multiple families at once. This is a real time saver if you charge your families any sort of annual or per-semester fee. To make this work, we split the “Payments, Fees and Credits” button on the “Families & Invoices” …


Invoice Changes, Email Templates and More

Today we rolled out a few important changes for teachers. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new: Invoice Changes We’ve updated the invoice format so that Charges and Credits are now listed in separate columns. This makes the invoice easier to read and less confusing (few questions from your students means less work for you …


Student Signups

Over the last two weeks we’ve made a number of changes to the site.¬†This week we’ve added a new “Sign-Up” page type to My Music Staff studio sites. That means you can now create a sign-up page that allows students to enter their information, which automatically creates student/family entries inside your My Music Staff account. …


Block Dates and Track Mileage

This week we introduced two new significant features Blocked Dates and Mileage Tracking. Blocked Dates The new blocked dates feature allows you to mark off days that you don’t want recurring lessons to be scheduled on. That means you can setup events at the start of the semester (such as national holidays, spring break, etc.), …


A Ninja Trick for Setting Dates in MyMusicStaff

There’s always a little rush when a new student enrolls in your music studio, but doing the initial setup can sometimes be a little….well, tedious. While we can’t help you with the name, address and phone number details of the families that you need for your records, we did speed up the process in one …


Full PayPal Integration

A few weeks ago we began to accept membership payments through PayPal. That meant that if you wanted to become a My Music Staff member and pay by PayPal, instead of a credit card, you could. Today we’re introducing another exciting new change: student payments through PayPal. This exciting change means that you can accept …


Recent Changes to My Music Staff

Over the last two weeks we rolled out a number of changes and improvements to My Music Staff. Here’s an overview of what’s new: We’ve added statistics and notes to the student attendance view, providing a central location to view notes from previous lessons at a glance. We’ve added a repertoire section to student profiles. …

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