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Big Studio, Small Update


This week’s update includes changes to the Students List and Accounts & Invoices page that should save time for members with larger studios.

Student Changes

We’ve added a few new optional columns to the student list:

  • Family Email – Displays the email addresses for parents (and adult students)
  • Student Login – Displays a green check mark if the student has been assigned a Student Portal login password
  • Parent Login – Displays a green check mark if one (or both) parents have been assigned a Student Portal login password

We’ve also added a button at the bottom of the student list to bulk send students and parents their initial Student Portal passwords. You can select multiple students using the check boxes in the student list and then click the button to assign/send the passwords to those students.

Accounts & Invoices

We’ve changed the way My Music Staff works when you create free events (i.e. lessons with $0 cost associated with them). My Music Staff will now generate a $0 “charge” for these events, which can be optionally included on your invoices.

This change will not affect existing events that you have already scheduled. It will only apply to newly schedule events (or events that you edit). This change allows you to display to parents/students any events which were provided free of charge.

Other Changes

We’ve fixed the mileage tracker so that Miles are displayed for members in the UK. We also corrected an issue with the student age calculation that have shown the students being a year older than they actually were.


  • June 9, 2014

    I’ll be importing my entire studio from another system this month, so the bulk send option will save a huge amount of time for me. Keep up the awesome updates!