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A Big Change You Won’t Even Notice

Hello everyone, this week we’re introducing a powerful new feature in My Music Staff: partial make-up credits. Most of you won’t notice any difference, but if you’re a teacher that teaches varying lesson lengths, this will make your life a little easier (and your studio run more equitably). Partial Make-Up Credits In a nutshell, if a student …


Fixes, Tweaks, And Improvements

Hello everyone, this week we’ve got some minor fixes, tweaks, and improvements to My Music Staff as we work on some bigger things behind the scenes (you’re going to love ’em). Here’s a list of this week’s changes: Calendar: • We improved the “Day” drop-down header so it now displays correctly in IE in the “Day” …


Family Day Holiday

Hello everyone. Due to the “Family Day” statutory holiday here in Ontario Canada on Monday, February 16, 2015 our regular weekly scheduled update will be postponed until Tuesday, February 17, 2015. Happy Family Day everyone! – The My Music Staff Team  


All Polished Up & Ready To Go!

This week we’ve polished up a number of existing features in My Music Staff as well as rolling out some great new additions. We think you’ll agree, My Music Staff is all polished up and ready to go! Here’s what’s new and “polished” up this week: Lesson fees and payments received at lessons can now …


Improved Calendar Filters

  Hi Everyone, this week we’re rolling out some improvements to the calendar for multi-teacher (and single teacher) studios. Here’s the rundown: New Calendar Filter We’ve totally redesigned to way the calendar view is filtered. The student/teacher/category drop-down lists are gone, and in it’s place you’ll see a new “Filter” button. When clicked, you’ll see …