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An Extremely High Value Product

After trying a number of other systems which felt like a real pain, I must say I can’t find a system anywhere near as good for even double the price. There’s a learning curve but it’s really nothing like many others out there.

Isaac J.

I Couldn’t Have Done it Without You

Before My Music Staff, keeping track of missed lessons was next to impossible. I had separate notebooks and online files and word docs for attendance, lesson notes, expenses, payments for books and payments for lessons – now it’s all together – neat and tidy, organised and at my fingertips (and my teachers’) at the studio, at home and on the go! And that’s just the beginning…

Kandice I.

Love My Music Staff

It has saved hours of rescheduling students for make up lessons. Lesson and payroll are seamless. Attendance is easy to log. I can control what my families see on the student portal and what my teachers see in their login. It has saved me hours with invoicing, mass emailing, and has saved me a lot of stress and time with payment reminders. Overall I like all the multiple features that are offered with this program and how easy it is for me to use. I have highly recommended this program to other schools, and my teachers who have had experience with other systems really seem to like My Music Stuff as well.

Hollie G.

A Game Changer For All Private Music Teachers

I love the billing process with My Music Staff! Before using MMS, I spent hours creating and sending invoices and then I would have to chase down payments every month. Now it creates and sends the invoices automatically each month and parents pay me on time because they receive reminders and it is so easy for them to push a button and pay online. I was so surprised in my first month with MMS when parents were sending me payments while I was out enjoying my time off with family – I completely forgot that invoices had gone out already, and I was able to sit back and let MMS do all the work.

Jessica E.

You Need This In Your Life

I love that this program makes it easy to create and send invoices based on the schedule. What used to take me HOURS now takes minutes. I also like how it tracks payments, adjustments, etc in the program so that even parents can see. No more angry parents claiming they paid when they simply forgot; they can see everything. My studio size doubled because I am so much more organized with everything.

Cally L.

You Saved My Music School!

A-MA-ZING. My office manager and I love it. Because of MMS, we can effectively run the school AND have a life outside of it. When I was using Excel I’d spend HOURS and HOURS in front of the computer, and now I have time to spend with my family because MMS automates many of the tasks I was doing by hand.

Rebecca S.

My Music Staff Simplified My Life

My Music Staff has allowed me to run an efficient business. Students play more because they are more engaged. Parents are happy because invoicing runs efficiently which also results in better cashflow for me as I’m not chasing people for money all the time!

Ian C.

Life Saver

My Music Staff saves me SO much time! Automated billing and late payment reminders means I receive an income on time (and saves me hours each month when I used to manually create invoices for every student, sometimes late!), plus the central storage of notes means I don’t have to rely on students bringing their music diaries along, which more often than not were forgotten at home.

Simone C.

Invaluable To My Business and Teaching

I have used My Music Staff for several years (four, I think). Implementing this software has revolutionized my work flow in big ways. I can manage multiple calendars, create invoices, and receive payments in simple steps. I have used two other studio management software and by far, I love the ease of My Music Staff the best. The developing team at My Music Staff has done a great job of making this software intuitive to the user experience and thinking through what the most important and valuable aspects for an independent teacher or a teaching studio with multiple teachers are.

Kristina L.