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Get What You Need from Your Registration Form



Your website tells the world everything they need to know about your studio. When a potential student comes to your website, they want to reach out to you so they can enroll in lessons. What is the end goal of the website? To capture the contact information of interested students and parents, you need a registration form.

The big mystery is what to include and what not to include from your registration form.

Ask for the information you absolutely “need” to know, versus what you “want” to know. The idea is to reduce the friction for a potential student to sign-up for lessons.

In a lot of cases, the fewer form fields you include on your registration form, the better. You can get any additional information with a personal touch over the phone or an in-person interview. That’s ultimately when you’re making the decision of whether a student is a good fit for your studio. Longer forms may cause a user to abandon the registration midway through filling it in.

As an example, the default My Music Staff new student registration forms will only ask for a student’ name, parent’s name and the parent’s contact details by default. All the other options we offer are completely optional. Try it out yourself and sign up for a free 30-day trial!

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