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Music Studio Management Overview

What is My Music Staff?

My Music Staff is an easy to use web-based studio management software for managing your private music teaching business. It’s designed for both individual teachers, and music studios with multiple teachers, who need affordable, easy to use software, to manage the core aspects of their teaching business.

Easy-to-use software to help manage your music teaching business.

What can it do?

My Music Staff can do everything your private music studio needs. It allows you to centrally manage your website, student contact information, schedule, invoicing and more. Looking for more information? Check out the other features using the links on the left. Or start your FREE 30-day trial today and experience all of the features that My Music Staff has to offer. No credit card is required to start your trial and there is no obligation to subscribe.

Getting Started

When you’re ready to start with My Music Staff, use the following steps as a rough guide to get going:

  1. Add Students – Always do this first. My Music Staff revolves around your students, so to get the most out of your free trial, we recommend starting here.
  2. Schedule Lessons – Once you’ve created a few students, start scheduling their lessons on the calendar. The easiest way is to click a date on the calendar and select “Add Lesson”. If the lesson is recurring, enable “This Lesson Repeats” and choose the frequency.
  3. Create Invoices – My Music Staff will automatically use the scheduled lessons to create invoices when you’re ready. All you need to do is pick the student(s) and the date range you want to bill for.
  4. Record Payments – When a student or parent pays you, track that payment in their family account. My Music Staff can send the family an email notification and the payment will be automatically included on their next invoice, so both you and the family are always on the same page.

What makes My Music Staff different?

My Music Staff is different from other music studio management software sites. It was built from the ground up using a “mobile first” approach, so it works great on phones, tablets and desktop computers. My Music Staff also comes with easy to understand flat rate pricing. That means you’ll never outgrow My Music Staff and you can focus on running your studio.

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