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Music Lesson Reminders



People are busy and their music lesson might not be top of mind. A timely email or text message can be very helpful to remind them that they have an upcoming music lesson or recital. Of course, it is possible to have too much of a good thing!

So, what are the best practices for sending music lesson reminders?

As a rule, don’t send reminders to families once it’s become part of their routine. It can be more annoying than helpful for your punctual students. Families might start to ignore your messages, and miss other important emails you send. It can even teach email services to mark them as spam!

It isn’t necessary to send reminders for every single event. It’s a great idea to set up reminders for uncommon situations, like trial lessons and studio recitals. You may also find you have specific families who need weekly reminders for their usual lesson time.

My Music Staff allows you to send automatic email and text reminders. You can also create event categories, and automatically send reminders for specific categories. No more no-shows or last minute cancellations!

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