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Many Mini Modifications Make Merry Musicians!


We’ve made a few tweaks to the beta Sign-Up widget. The initial load should now be faster, and in the event that it is delayed for a few seconds, the loading progress dots will continue to display.

We have also made the beta Sign-Up widget available en français. If you’d like to help out by translating our widget into other languages like Portuguese, Italian, Klingon or anything else, reach out to us at the email below!

For those using PayPal Pro for online payments:

  • Transactions made via My Music Staff will now display “Payment via My Music Staff” in the transaction description. This will make it easier to identify these transactions within your PayPal Pro account. (This is especially helpful if you use your PayPal Pro account with several different services.)

For multi-teacher studios:

  • We’ve updated the Calendar feed so the teacher name will be included in the feed name. If you’re syncing multiple teacher feeds to a single Google calendar (or YouCanBookMe) you’ll now be able to easily determine which calendar is which.

Some minor fixes:

  • We fixed a minor layout issue with invoices for regions that use metric paper sizes; the Bill To field will no longer run into the other header information on the invoice.
  • We fixed a handful of display issues on the mobile version of the site that crept in over the last few weeks – notably, missing search results on mobile (you needed to refresh to bring them back) and the “Add Repertoire” button was missing for a minute from the Repertoire tab in Student Details. We took away its Invisibility Cloak, so no more disappearing act – it’s back!


Did you know? You can now have a secure website built with My Music Staff, using your own domain name!

Please note: If you require technical assistance, please contact our support team at