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Email Reminders for Specific Event Types

A few weeks ago we added automatic email reminders to My Music Staff. Since then we’ve had a few member emails asking if it was possible to only send email reminders for specific types of events. For example, you may not wish to send email reminders for weekly lessons, but you may wish to send …


Student Signups

Over the last two weeks we’ve made a number of changes to the site. This week we’ve added a new “Sign-Up” page type to My Music Staff studio sites. That means you can now create a sign-up page that allows students to enter their information, which automatically creates student/family entries inside your My Music Staff account. …


A Ninja Trick for Setting Dates in MyMusicStaff

There’s always a little rush when a new student enrolls in your music studio, but doing the initial setup can sometimes be a little….well, tedious. While we can’t help you with the name, address and phone number details of the families that you need for your records, we did speed up the process in one …


How to always have more students than you need

Has fluctuating income been a problem for your music studio? Do you find it hard to build up momentum – just when it seems like you’re going to have a banner year you lose students? If you’ve always wanted to know how to always have more students than you need – keep reading. Like it …


Take Daily Action to Teach More and Stress Less

It can be tempting to put off the paperwork for later when you’re running a music studio. Little occurrences occur each month like: You’ve been paid cash and decide that you’ll make a note of it later. You put off your invoicing for another day. You dread the thought of reminding a customer that they’re …


More Time and Less Headaches

How Much is Your Time Worth? Ask any music teacher why they decided to teach for a living and you’d get answers like wanting more music in their life, the satisfaction of helping others and inspiring students to be the best that they can be. If asked what they dislike about teaching, the headaches of …


Getting Started with My Music Staff

So you’re ready to start running a more organized music studio, but you’re not sure how to begin. This short tutorial will show you the main concepts behind My Music Staff. Once you get the basics down, we think you’ll really appreciate the speed and simplicity with which you’ll be able to manage your studio’s …


Write a Great Biography Page in Seven Steps

Many of us have experienced the initial excitement of  setting up a new website, followed quickly afterward by the stark terror of the blank page. What the heck am I supposed to write? For anyone experiencing writer’s block when it comes to crafting a biography page, My Music has put together a quick primer …