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A Splash of Color

Here’s the list of this week’s updates: We’ve made a minor update to the look and feel of My Music Staff; the page header and logo when logged into the site has been refreshed. On the student sign-up page/widget the “Gender” field (if enabled) is now displayed directly below the student information, rather than following …


Milk & “Cookies”

Take a look at this week’s great new features and changes: My Music Staff requires cookies to work. If your browser has cookies disabled, My Music Staff will now let you know! If you change your website’s domain name in My Music Staff, we’ll automatically redirect visitors from your old domain name to the new …


Web Ninja

Here’s this week’s improvements: We made an internal change to improve the performance of the “Student Details” page for large studios. The page load time was reduced from a few seconds to under 1 second. We updated the way email addresses are checked to prevent My Music Staff from misidentifying some valid email addresses as …


Timezone Tempo

Here’s the list for this week: Added an “Invoice Balance” placeholder (%InvoiceAmount%) to the invoice and invoice reminder email templates. The “Invoice Balance” displays the invoice amount less any payments received since the invoice date. The original invoice will still be attached to the email. When adding a new lesson from the Day/Week calendar views, the …


My Music Staff Review – OPUS (Part 1)

Hi Everyone! My Music Staff was recently reviewed in the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers’ Association’s publication of Opus (June 2015)! Thank you to the SRMTA for including us in your e-journal. Barb Levorson has been busy exploring the ins and outs of the application. Part two of her article is expected in the coming months. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I …