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Updates to Chant About

Hey Everyone! We have some great additions this week: Teach more, scroll less: When you close a popup window in My Music Staff, the page no longer scrolls to the top of the page. The “Recent Payments” tab on the “Families & Invoices” page now displays the payment type in the description (if your studio is …


Where’s Alto?

Hi Everyone! Lots of great new changes this week: We added a new option to specify a preferred location when you add a new lesson or event. When enabled, the “Location” drop down list will preselect that location, saving you a click or two. We changed the default sort order of the Repertoire on the student …


A ‘Touch’ of Class

Hello Everyone! Here’s what’s changed this week: The calendar now supports drag-and-drop schedule changes on touch devices (iOS/Android)! Previously, drag and drop was only available from desktop browsers. Tap and hold (1 second) to drag-and-drop No more tears! The student details page (and a few others) now warns you if you have unsaved changes before …


||: Charges and Discounts :||

Here’s a list of this week’s changes: Recurring charges and discounts are now available. This feature is perfect if you’re charging a manual fee for a monthly instrument rental, or providing a recurring sibling discount. We adjusted the layout of the “Expense/Other Income” popup, placing the recurring entry settings just below the date for consistency. When …