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Calendar Alerts and a Whole Lot More

Hi everyone! Here’s a list of what’s new this week in My Music Staff: Calendar Features My Music Staff can now set alerts on your iPhone/iPad through your synced calendar. This is a great way to keep lessons from running long; by setting the alert to 5 minutes, your phone will let you know 5 …


Better Studio Email

Hi Everyone, Here’s a list of what’s new this week: HTML Email – Now you can format the emails you send to your students from My Music Staff. You can bold, center, underline, change fonts, and more! Email from Practice Log – Students can now email you directly from the practice log if you enable …


Improved Email History, Studio Events and Other Enhancements

Hi everyone! We’ve been hard at work continuing our mission to make My Music Staff the best music teacher site available! Today we have a big list of great changes to share with you. Here’s what’s new this week: Multi-Teacher Studios Multi-teacher studios can now create “Studio Events” that are not teacher specific. This allows …


New Student Sign-up Options and an Improved Calendar

Good Monday everyone! Today we’re rolling out a number of exciting changes. Here’s what’s new for the week of September 8th: My Preferences There are now so many calendar related options in My Music Staff that we’ve split the “My Preferences” page into two tabs: Personal Settings and Calendar Settings. As you’d expect, all the …