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What Teachers Are Saying

Discover why more teachers are switching to My Music Staff

Music teachers just like you are seeing how they can streamline and automate their studio administrative work. Make the choice to eliminate paperwork and improve efficiency with My Music Staff. See what some of the teachers who made the switch to My Music Staff have to say:

Discover why more teachers are switching to My Music Staff

“I Love it! Thank you soooo much and for the record, I appreciate the changes to the repertoire list too! I’m really happy with this service & have recommended it to several teachers and friends.– Diane N

Just wanted to say, I’ve tried a few services like this now and I’m super impressed by MMS. It looks and feels so much better than all of your competitors and it’s priced more reasonably! Thank you!– Aden

Hello there, I just wanted to let you know that I switched to your product from a competitor. I’m really happy with the product. Thank you for rolling out updates that have been tested! Keep up the great work.” – Amy M

I just wanted to say, you guys have been such a huge part in getting our school off the ground this first year, keeping us organized, looking professional, and just giving us peace of mind. We couldn’t be doing all of this without you.” – Matt F

Thanks for your open ears and for all the great work you do everyday! After almost a year of subscription this continues to be some of the best money I spend for my business every month.” – Colter W

I really enjoy using this program! I have tested out so many others and I within hours of trying them I gave up. With MMS I feel like it just works. I believe in the product and the team at My Music Staff.” – Daniel C

I initially chose a single teacher account thinking it would help me become familiar. 5 hours later and I’ve added all my students, invoiced or sent receipts, and scheduled EVERYONE. I didn’t expect it to be so easy!  Shelkah

I appreciate the whole team at My Music Staff. You make my job so much easier by streamlining my business so I can be the crazy, scattered artist I am! Seriously. Have an awesome day!– Noree D

Before subscribing to My Music Staff, I was a bit worried that the program might be too expensive. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did because I find it constantly saves me money in administrating my business.” – Karin F

So far I am loving MMS after only 2 days! There are many improvements over the competition (which I’ve used for a while) but one of the nicest features is the FAST loading of pages, etc.!– Debra H

I wanted to send a quick note and tell you how helpful this software has been for me and my trumpet studio!  The invoicing and calendar all in one have been a time saver! I look forward to the updates every month– Jason W

This system is amazing! After having tried half a dozen over the years, this is the first one that is EASY to use and FLEXIBLE for my studio’s ever changing needs and incredibly AFFORDABLE. I can’t rave enough about it.” – Roxy R

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